Popular Culture Badge
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Thank-you all for your great comments about the popular culture challenge,
we love getting your feedback

Gina Potter - Guide Leader

Fab badge, we had a group doing face masks and another group doing hair and make up. They loved it, I've never had such a peaceful night. Next week we've got a couple doing face masks, some doing the text talk one and another group planning their photo shoot and then a game of chubby bunny at the end. They never make my life easy all doing different things. It's been a long time since they've got so excited about a challenge X

Gaynor Portlock - Guide leader

Anyone with a Guide unit, have a look at the popular culture challenge badge, we've been doing it with our guides for the last 2 weeks, and they've not stopped laughing. We had a group this week doing trick photos and they didn't stop laughing all night, running around finding as many new props as they could. Brilliant challenge X

Sophie Powell – Brownie leader

This week, I had the whole unit trying to become Ninja warriors. So I split the group up into three teams and gave each group some sports equipment like skipping ropes, balls etc. One group, used their skipping ropes as a pretend high wire, while another used the ropes as a random laser challenge. It was amazing how inventive the girls were in making their obstacle courses. Once they created the courses, the girls tried each others courses. Then we challenged the girls to do the courses blind folded. Then we put all three courses together to create the ultimate challenge. Lots of fun