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Come explore Popular Culture and achieve the Popular Culture Badge 1st Ashton-on-Mersey South Guides designed the Popular Culture Badge so that girls can choose from Music, TV & Film, You Tube, (More info)


1st Ashton-on-Mersey South Guides created this Popular Culture Badge for you to try. You can download paper copies of the program, badge order form etc. using these links below:- Programme - Long (More info)

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You can order your badges using the form below:- if you tell us how many badges you want then we will work out your postage costs and tell you where to send your cheque to. You can also contact us (More info)



Listen to music, but more importantly have a go and create your own. (More info)

TV & Film

Have a go at creating your own version of a TV programme or film. (More info)

You Tube

There are lots of challenges on You Tube, so why not choose some and give them a go. (More info)

Hair & Beauty

Try out other peoples looks and develop your own unique style. (More info)


From celebrity fashion to developing your own unique style. (More info)

Games & Puzzles

Create games and try them out on other members of your group. (More info)

Food & Drink

Food and Drink. Yum yum!! (More info)

Other Ideas

There are lots of things to try as you explore the world of popular culture. (More info)

Our Magazine


Try creating your very own Magazine Cover (More info)

Your Music

Create your own songs and sing like a hair brush diva (More info)

Weve got Talent

Host a We've got talent night. Even judging can be great fun (More info)

You Tube Challenges

Try the Yoga Challenge or the Chubby Bunny Challenge. They can be such great fun (More info)

Trick Shots

Get out with your camera and try and create some trick shots (More info)

Get the Look

To Get the look you need to know about Hair, Make-up and Fashion (More info)

Celeb Hairstyles

Try and create your own Hair and Beauty page for a magazine. Try out your ideas and get pictures (More info)

Product Reviews

Write some product reviews. These are just a few of the bargain products that we found Schwarzkopf gliss conditioner Schwarzkopf glissconditioner This conditioner is great for brittle, dull (More info)

Summer Fashion

Have your own fashion shoot and create a fashion page for a magazine (More info)

Head bands

Make some head bands then put them on when your eyes are closed and try and guess who you are (More info)


Try and make a Who are they? type quiz or a Word Search (More info)

Who are you?

Have fun by creating a Who are you? game, then try it out on your friends. (More info)

Fruit Salads

Get creative with fruit and make some of our fruit salads (More info)



Thank-you all for your great comments about the popular culture challenge,we love getting your feedback Gina Potter - Guide Leader Fab badge, we had a group doing face masks and another group (More info)

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if you can not find what you are looking for then please use our site map below (More info)