Popular Culture Badge
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1st Ashton-on-Mersey South Guides created this Popular Culture Badge for you to try.

You can download paper copies of the program, badge order form etc. using these links below:-

Programme - Long version

Programme - Shortened Version

Badge order form



1st Ashton on Mersey guide recommend that:-

Rainbows - Complete at least 5 clauses

Brownies - Complete at least 6 clauses

Guides - Complete at least 7 clauses

Rangers - Complete at least 8 and above

They have included a key to help you decide what part of the programme the clause covers and an approximate time that the activity will take, but some activities take longer


Key Description
1 Look
2 Learn
3 Laugh
4 Love


Key Description
a You
b Community
c World


Key Description
d Healthy Lifestyles
e Global Awareness
f Skills and Relationships
g Celebrating Diversity
h Discovery


Key Description
i Community Action
j Out of Doors
k Independent Living
l Creativity
m Personal Values
n Fit for life
o International
p Leadership

Sale Lions

Sale Lions are partly funding this badge as a way of helping 1st Ashton-on-Mersey South Guides achieve their goal quicker

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