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Popular Culture

Come explore Popular Culture and achieve the Popular Culture Badge

1st Ashton-on-Mersey South Guides designed the Popular Culture Badge so that girls can choose from Music, TV & Film, You Tube, Hair & Beauty, Fashion, Games & Puzzles, Food & Drink and Other Ideas. They should spend at least 3 weeks on the badge, but it can be longer if the girls choose to do so. They can choose to explore all aspects of popular culture, or they can choose to explore just one or two areas of the popular culture programme.

The ideas in the programme have come from the guides and they have tried the main four ideas out, and some of the ideas in the other great ideas section. Our Guides enjoyed them so we hope your girls will too.

The badge measures 7.5cm across and costs £1.00 each


1st Ashton-on-Mersey South Guides

1st Ashton-on-Mersey South Guides
1st Ashton-on-Mersey South Guides

1st Ashton-on-Mersey South Guides are part of Greater Manchester West in Manchester and their Unit was 100 years old in 2016. As part of their celebrations they tried a lot of different things for the first time, like creating a badge. They hope that other units will have as much fun completing the badge as the guides had creating it.

Popular Culture Magazine

As the guides created their badge they also created a Popular Culture Magazine, they found that could expand their ideas and create articles such as Summer Fashion, Budget Buys, Get the Look and Celeb Hairstyles. They also thought it was fun to show some of the fun they had while carrying out the activities like We've got Talent, The You tube challenges and the Hair brush Diva activity. They also enjoyed creating the type of games that you find in a magazine such as Who are you? and Who are they? It was also an area where they could show off their work like in Trick shots and Fruit Salads. They also created miscellaneous pages like the Front Cover and How you make a Headband which allowed them to think about what has to be done while making something.

If you fancy creating a magazine page as part of your Popular culture challenge then why not send your results to